GainTools MBOX Converter

An advance conversion to achieve complete migration automatically

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MBOX Converter

An MBOX Migration App

The advance app has been specifically designed to perform migration of .mbox files. All the selected MBOX files are exported swiftly to Windows MS Outlook format. No matter what is the email client that has formed MBOX files, conversion of MBOX is possible with this cool app.

Accurate Migration

Users weather using MBOX Converter for individual or industrial, they can assure about quality. Each time conversion quality is higher. It restores all the folders and email properties. Hierarchy of all folders are maintained. The tool assures to get copy of original data.

Quick Export Assistance

This intelligent app is capable to scan user’s desirable MBOX file to make it ready for export. It has bulk data migration assistance to perform migration of all sized MBOX files quickly and deliberately. Data quality is preserved.

MBOX Converter Benefits & Features

Complete Conversion of MBOX

The MBOX Converter is specialized in converting the entire data of MBOX including emails, messages, notes etc…No matter what is the size of an MBOX file is, conversion is achieved successfully. Whole data of an MBOX file is scanned by the app to perform migration without any interruption. It exports emails along with its components like attachments, To, CC, BCC and From.

Select Only Instructed MBOX Files

The control of MBOX Conversion app is at your hands. The utility gives flexibility to migrate only those MBOX files that you feel necessary. It has a deep file filtration feature that gives permission to locate desirable MBOX files for migration. Only selected MBOX files are scanned by the app. Just open and search from different locations in the computer to successfully accomplish conversion.

Bulk Data Migration

This MBOX Migration app facilitates bulk file migration in which you are allowed to select not just one but many MBOX files to convert them once. In this regard, you can save quality time. The bulk migration results are the same as you export one MBOX file. It doesn’t affect the quality of data. Export process is smooth and uninterrupted.

Save MBOX Files Separately

The MBOX Exporter makes email conversion and management interesting. It allows you to create a separate PST file for each MBOX file. It means if you have selected to export five MBOX files at a time, the tool can able to create five different PST files. Thus, email management can be easy. You have flexibility to create one strong PST file or save MBOX files separately.

Save Data to PST Format

This utility allows you to save all MBOX files to MS Outlook PST format. As you know PST is one of the most advanced file extensions of MS Outlook that store up to 20 GB data. Conversion of MBOX to this file extension helps create a big sized MS Outlook file that could be easy to manage. It makes easy to access data of multiple email clients to MS Outlook.

Cooperate Smooth & Error Free Conversion

This is a remarkable MBOX Converter. The license of the app enables you to export unlimited number of MBOX files without any error. Each time conversion result is impressive. The utility preserves original format, structure and text. It is capable to give the results that seem copy and paste of data. All folders of MBOX files are preserved during conversion.

Save Conversion to New or Already Existed PST

Users are allowed to save converted data to either new or an existed PST file. The utility gives assistance to locate a particular PST file in which you want to transfer MBOX data. It also allows you to create a new PST file instantly to save the converted data. Users have flexibility to choose either ways. Both of these ways are safe to follow.

Highly Interactive Application

This MBOX Migration app is friendly to users. It doesn’t need technical assistance to run. Users can easily familiar with the functionality of the app after just one trial. The wizard is self-expressive. It features a few simple and easy-to-observe steps that users have to follow for smooth migration. Download its free trial version first and later apply for its license.



No! This utility has been designed to perform conversion of only healthy MBOX files. Inaccessible MBOX files are not scanned by the app.
License of the app allows you to use the app as many times as you wish. It offers unlimited data export assistance.
No! This application has been designed to perform conversion on Windows platform only. It doesn’t support any other OS.
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