GainTools Merge PST Software

Offer custom merge support to all sizes Outlook files

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NSF Converter

Easy to Operate

This is a Windows operating app, needs less technical help to operate. The wizard of the program is fairly simple to understand as each features are described their role. The utility installs and configure easily.

Support Multiple Merge Options

Not just one but also multiple merge PST options are supported by the app to find the best results. Choose any of your desirable merge options to find desirable results. Merge either entire data or just the required folder.

Retain Quality

Quality is not hindered whether you choose to merge 2, 3, 4 or more PST files together. A strong PST file can be created by merging small sized PST files. It helps to avoid file clutter.

PST Merge App Benefits & Features

Merge PST at Fast Speed & with Accuracy

When it comes to merge manually, you may take a lot of time but this third app performs the task so fast. It saves your time and effort. The converted data is saved with full accuracy by retaining all mail properties, contacts and other details. No file is missed and corrupted. It has been tested for accuracy.

Merge Entire PST files in One or Separate Folders

There are two options to choose. You can either create one folder to save the merged data or can create new folder for each PST. Use any of these options to find merge operation successful. The utility works with full accuracy in all these options.

A Highly Compatible App

In terms of compatibility, the tool has no comparison with other merged PST tools. It merges PST files saved in both ANSI and Unicode versions. Moreover, the utility scans and merges PST files saved in Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016. All versions are supported. It runs swiftly on all the latest versions of Windows.

Merge Required PST Files Only

The control of merge process is at user’s hands. At first, the utility needs you to browse and select the PST files from local folders which you want to merge. You are free to select 2, 3, 4 or more PST files together. The tool helps to reset the file selection.

Save Merged Data Locally

All the resultant data is saved locally. The output location is decided by users only. The newly created PST file can be saved to any existed folder that you have chosen or you can create a new folder to save data. Thus, smart and safe data merge process is supported. No file is mismanaged.



No, you cannot as it scans and merges only healthy PST files.
Yes, there is no restriction.
Use the tool to merge PST files as many times as you wish.
Yes you can merge. The tool only recognizes the PST files to merge. It doesn’t matter in which Outlook version it has been created.
Yes, you are allowed to merge any folder be it contacts, inbox, outbox etc…
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