We have made Privacy Policy that we want every visitor and client of us go through. The policy is made to assure you that this site is safe for visiting and online shopping.

We gather:

  • Your personal data (name, email address and other personal information you have shared with us)
  • Your reviews & suggestions
  • Your browsing behaviour

What is the use of gathering such information?

We gather your personal data and reviews for following reasons:

  • Making your browsing experience better
  • Making improvement in our services by analysing your suggestions
  • Stay in touch with you to maintain happy client relationships
  • Keep to noticed about our latest updates & events

What steps we take to keep your data safe?

Whatever the data you have shared with us is always safe.

  • Protected using latest technology security software
  • Only reliable team members can access the data

Do we disclose the information?

No third party is allowed to access your personal data. Our partners are shared with the data after they give an assurance of not to misuse it.  We don’t sell your personal information.

Cookies & Third Party Links Get Welcome

We welcome third party links. They can contact us to know the rules set by us for third party links. Cookies are used by our site to analyse the viewer’s behaviour. As they click any cookie of us, it will take them to another site. These sites are not allowed to access your personal data.

We welcome all our readers to read our Privacy policy. We have the authority to make changes in the policy without any notice.

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